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Name: James R.

Location - additional details: Oxford, CT 06478
Means of contact: (203-444-6021) Text me or call
Transmission Type (auto/manual): Manual 5-speed
Mileage (miles/kms): 123,092

Description:I am testing the waters on selling my 2002 9-3 SE. Needs a new gear box(transmission) in the near future. Other than that it is fully functional and quick. AC even works! Do not recommend this car for a first time driver. Due to excessive torque steer. I will be back to the saab workshop after I graduate. I am really gonna miss this car.

Here are the things that I have put into it.
Saab 9-3 2002 T7
Stage 3+ ECU (By Taliaferro)
ETS performance Front mount inter cooler (Bought from Taliaferro)
Sport tranny mount (By Taliaferro)
Viggen clutch (Has 30k on it)
3.5 bar fuel pressure regulator (Bought from Taliaferro)
3 inch down pipe including mid pipe (By Taliaferro)
2.5 inch Cat back exhaust (By BSR)
Cold air intake (By Taliaferro)
Forge Bypass Valve (By Forge)
Turbo pipe (By Taliaferro)
Real car Sweden Boost pod
Ultra light boost gauge (30PSI)
17 in sport tuning T5 wheels
17 inch Pirelli tires
4 New Pioneer speakers installed. (Same size as stock speakers)

Taliaferro is Same company - same excellent quality!

All stock hardware previously on the vehicle is included in purchase, besides stock wheels.

Ps... Water stains on the front seats can be taken off easily. (I love cold Seltzer water.(Condensation)
Passengers side rug looks dirty but is not. (Last time I vacuumed, rug sat wrong causing it to flare.)
Rare interior for this car.

Some pictures used are from : Owner: Nick T.

More Pictures Here:

Asking: $3,000 OBO As is...


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You can definitely do that after the title is in your hand. HAHA!

I don’t know how to ship a vehicle. I have never done it.
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