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9-3 2.3T V6 Aero review in Motor Trend

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July issue p.138. Just a short preview of driving impressions. They liked all of it with minor exception of slightly notchy shifter. M/T estimated Aero's 0-60 time of 6.0sec for the 6M, 7.0sec for the 6A. Not bad considering:

  • A4 2.0T quattro: 7.2sec
  • S4 4.2 quattro: 5.0sec flat
  • 330i: 5.6sec
  • GS300: 6.8-6.9sec
  • TL: 5.7sec
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Automobile Mag Too

Automobile Magazine also has a short article about it in their July issue (page 42). I can't tell if they actually got to drive it though as the only qualitative opinion in the blurb was "The car is as quick, composed, and agile as anything that's ever worn the crowned-griffin emblem" and "although the steering wheel has its headstrong moments, full-throttle acceleration never becomes a wrestling match, as it has in Saab turbos of yore".

They write that SAAB's official performance claim of 0 - 62 mph (0 - 100 kph) in 6.9 seconds "seem conservative" to them.
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