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Hi, Everyone,
For your edification, I am letting you know what I learned over the past few years from my daughter's use of the 9-2x with 2.5L NT. After the engine hits 100K miles, the drain holes in the pistons become clogged with detritus or whatever and the oil is blown out through the valves after which the cats take over. No one sees it. The engine runs out of or is very low on oil, and now the damage is done. My daughter was using a quart every four or five hundred miles.
Weighing the costs with an old engine such as this with the need for new/used engines developing over the years, and factoring in the dishonesty of salvage yard operators, it is almost unfeasible to rebuild or find a good engine.
I bought a JDM engine shipped to my door for $1200 with no core charge, with alternator, AC compressor, steering pump attached. We did have to use the old intake and a few other minor inconveniences, but these JDM units have only around 55,000 miles on them. It seems to be OK after several hundred miles
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