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Modding T8

I've just dropped a new(er) engine into my 85 T8 and will be doing some modding over the next few weeks, it'll be a push to get a T8 to 200 but it's possible, There's a couple of T8 guru's about who can prob give you a bit more definitive answers but I'm going for the following which should give a fare bit more ommmph!!!!

Modded Intercooler (usual is Volvo or Saab 9000 conversion) - i've gone for something a bit different by welding 2 standard 900 intercoolers together and will mount it in front of the radiator.

Open air filter, hopefully will be fitted in the NS wing, but you can fit it in the engine bay, may require some DIY/or buy an induction air filter.

3" wide curve downpipe - (the elbow off the turbo has to be removed but gives better flow from the turbo, reduces lag)

2 1/2" for the rest of the exhaust should be enough

No mid box/CAT, but I'm going to wrap the down pipe with fibreglass or something similar to retain heat, gives better torque at low RPM

Mod the APC(carefully, you don't want to pop the Head Gasket), see - I'm going for slightly more boost at high rpm and raise the max boost level slightly.

If you really want to push it then maybe fit a 5th injector which should cut it at higher rpm.

Fast road cam/sports cam, give you a bit more power at high rpm

Water injector, maybe a bit dubious, people have different opinions about using water injector.

Maybe change the primary gearing

I'm sure i've missed a few thing's but i'm sure someone else will fill you in!!

Good luck, hope you get to your 200 !:cheesy:
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