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So did some searching on this board and really couldn't find my answer.

I'm looking to buy an 88 SGP 900 Turbo. The car looks to be in good condition. The onyl thing is the owner recently put in a clutch and now says the shift linkage is messed up as it will not go into any gear really. He said it moves enough to put on a trailor though.

I'm pretty mechaniclly inclined. I've owned many 1G DSM's, built a couple motors, done countless clutchs, motor swaps and etc. I plan to try and locate atrailor and go look Sunday in person and see what the issue is.

My question is if it is the linkage how hard is that? Is it just cables? Can it be adjusted? Or do you think the clutch got installed wrong, which is what I am leaning towrds.
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