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my 1988 900 SPG is in quite the state. It's been parked on a downward slope for two years after some drinking water spilled down the ignition cylinder. The spill happened while I was on the freeway and soon after the wipers stopped and other electrical systems began to fail. After parked for a while the cylinder locked up and i couldn't start the car.

recently, I've taken the wires from the ignition switch and wired two switches, one for garage mode and one for ignition, the 12v line and red/yellow wire and installed a new battery. When I hit the ignition switch the solenoid clicks, but no starter kick or crank follows. When I bridge the contacts on the solenoid itself I start to hear some systems activate in the engine compartment as well as a single clicking and rapid succession of loud clicking (louder than solenoid) coming from the front of the engine compartment from, or from around the area of the APC solenoid valve or the ignition coil.

This is where I'm at, just trying to get the starter to turn and not having much luck. any ideas for troubleshooting would be very much appreciated.

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