Cylinder head for an '86 or '87 16v c900 with the external oiler doodads. Would work on an '85 too, but it'll mess up your compression ratio and such. Would work on a later car I suppose... but why?

This came off a running car, but out of an abundance of caution I had the machine shop look at it. It pressure tested fine (valves are good) but it's .003" off in the middle. It might seal, but you'd be smart having it resurfaced.

I have no use of this, I just hate seeing parts get wasted. The cams & tappets & followers are available and included.

If you can use it, it's yours for the $70 I spent at the machine shop and shipping. If you don't want the casting, but want everything else that's fine too. Happy to dismantle it for you. I expect shipping for the whole thing will run $100. Probably $30-$40 for just the parts.