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'84 900s radiator fan issues

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I just blew the water pump on my 84, 900S. I was driving and it overheated. I took it to the nearest mechanic. They replaced the pump no problem, but they couldnt get the radiator fan to run. Finnaly they replaced the relay after messing with the wires and searching all over for this relay. I dont think they know much about Saabs. The fan was working fine before, but now it runs all of the time. Even if just the electric power is turned on, not the motor, the fan turns on while the engine is cool. Did the mechanics switch some wires around, or could it be a fried temperature switch?
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Hi, the right side fan turns on with the switch mounted on the left top of the radiator. The left fan turns on with the air conditioner button . I bet they jumped the radiator switch with a wire. :confused: Pat
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