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I have some parts from a 73 Sonett that I'm turning into a road racer. This car runs and all parts are in good and working condition.

All the original Saab glass, including the rear hatch with hinges, (7 pieces) with hardware, door tracks and such, (sans the windshield, keepin it)
Passenger inside door handle with rod
Power antenea w/wire
blower motor assy
heater core
Complete wiper assy (motor, gears, arms)
not sure what they are called, but the two front inner fender plates...... w/factory double horns attached
Original black crinkle finish dashboard
Heater controls with ducts from the firewall
hood latch
rear glass latch
E-brake handle w/cables
Headlight front bar and push rod (no buckets or boxes)
FoMoCo stock carb (needs rebuild)
Windshild washer bottle

And a few other bits. All in decent to great shape and working condition.

I can peice ot out, but I would rather find someone who is restoring 1 that needs a lot of good original parts, in Cali would be a bonus;ol;

A lot these parts are very hard to find or simply dont exist. These are all original working parts.

I will let everything go together for $500obo + shipping/local pick up. The glass alone is worth that much. The only piece I've found is the side pop-out on ebay foe $130, the hinges for the back blass are $40 apiece. Get them while you can!!

If you want less than all the items, we can make a deal.

7six0 93seven 14five3

[email protected],com

Thanks, Steven
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