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1993 900c Turbo convertible:

My idle is smooth at 850 RPM's .
I can rev to just below 3000 RPM's and drop down to a smooth idle.

As soon as I pass 3000 RPM's, I immediately get CEL.

Tomorrow, I plan to pull the codes manually.
Not sure how informative that will be.

Since the RPM's need to hit 3000 to trigger CEL, I figure that the culprit must be associated with items that kick in at high RPM's.

Turbo or APC solenoid related perhaps?
I am not experienced in the waste gate/dump valve system.
I believe that the APC solenoid has a rubber diaphragm that may rupture and cause issues. Not sure.

Can the experts comment on what items to suspect?
When CEL triggers, I can shut off the engine, restart and let it idle for 15-20 seconds, then CEL goes away.
It fixed itself. Repeatedly.
Not sure if the codes were stored for retrieval since it fixed itself.

If I trigger the CEL by revving to 3000 RPM's, then let it drop to idle, the vehicle has a rough , sporadic idle; CEL does not go away.

Trying to figure out what stresses the system at 3000 RPM's.
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