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Had the 30 day check performed today - everything absolutely fine (phew!) - had a couple of tech-ii settings changed... (and the hand-brake tightned)

Auto-door lock over 5mph, auto door un-lock on key-out (drivers door only, will be changed to both - see later), auto-recirc when washing the windshield, and a couple of others....

Had the Aux-In enabled at the same time - no charge so it seems.....

The dealer had a special on the wind-deflectors, so I bit the bullet and brought one - best money ever spent, the difference is amazing - 2 mins to fit, seems pretty sturdy. Up to 60Mph, didn't notice any wind at all in the cabin - haven't been over that speed yet, that's tomorrow!

Whilst at the dealers, I thought I would get myself a tel-1 cable harness - they only had 1 in stock, and it appears that it's a nokia one - perfect! ca-7w ordered and being installed tomorrow. I'll report back once fitted.

Here's a question though....

Having searched through all the faq's and forums, i can't find a simple answer to: Which is which for the AUX in - Left and Right - which connector pin is which ?? - 2 = left, 3 = right, or 2=right, 3=left.....?????!!!?!?

Also, does anyone know if an 05 needs a line-level converter for the tel-1 interface? Judging by the harness, I'm guessing not, but I could be wrong....

Oh yes, she'll be going back in soon, as the centre air-vent needed replacing - it "warped" within the first week.....
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