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3.0 V6 Griffin shocks

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I went on-line to price front shocks for the 3.0 V6 griffin today, checked with ECP and they have the V6 down as the same shock as a 9-3 front sport at £114 each, checked the 2.3 FPT and they are only £51 for Sachs/Boge and £34 for replacement, now i know according to the Saab bumph that the V6 was supposed to have it's own spring/shock set-up, but over twice the price!.
Got on the phone to the Edinburgh branch and the told me this was right and that they don't do the rear shocks at all?, i thought the rears would be the same on the turbo and the V6, checked with Ger/swe and they say Euro might be right,but they just lump the FPT and the V6 as the same shock.
Anyone any ideas or is it a visit to a Saab dealer to find out. :roll: