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2011 9-3 2,0T XWD
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Official first post to this wonderful site. Hi everybody.

A little background: I've driven Saab's for the past 5 or 6 years now. My previous one was a beautiful '07 9-3 2.0T with a MapTun Stage 1. It was alive and well not too long ago... Long story short, it is in car heaven now. :,(
It saved my life, though.. Loved that car. So, the first constructive thing I can say is that those cars are definitely safe if they're in good shape. With a bit of luck, of course, I walked away from something not many probably would have if they were in a lighter or less-safe vehicle. Not one broken bone...

Anyway, I recently purchased a 2011 9-3 XWD.

I'm finding that it is just underwhelming compared to my '07 9-3, and I want to give it some upgrades. I've never upgraded a car besides giving a stage 1 tune to my stock '07, so some advice is welcome. I am looking into things such as cold air intakes, intercoolers, downpipes, etc. in addition to talking with my mechanic to make sure the XWD differentials and the essentials are in proper condition of course.

My question is: What is this tube??? It wasn't on my '07 9-3, and another 9-3 owner I talked to wasn't sure either. The '07 had a connector for a tube like this, but it was sealed shut. Sorry if the lines are unnecessary. It seems to connect to the engine or turbo somehow?
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Edit: I apologize if this is improperly posted. I may have chosen the wrong sub-forum.
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