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139,700 miles and counting until new car is picked up

2 owner car, no accidents, black on tan with lighting package (HID's). I purchased in 2013 and have put almost 100k miles on it. Original owner purchased car in 2009 and drove on Cape Cod. Car is in good condition for its age and mileage. Very well maintained and cosmetically OK. There are a few door dings, paint chips, but no rust or other unsightly issues. It would look great with a polish/wax. Interior is in very good condition, no tears in seats and bolsters all in good shape. It is a family car and I'll do my best to clean out all of the crumbs...

Selling due to car ADD, I bought a 2015 Golf Sportwagen TDI 6speed manual.

OEM wheels with 15k miles on 235/45/17 General G-MAX AS-03
Oil changes at 5000-7500 miles since 40k with LiquidMoly Longlife
No leaks or other issues with oil/coolant
No CEL's or other warnings
Car driven 400 miles / week

Recent work:
2019 – Mobil 3309 ATF 10qt drain/fill, new CAT back exhaust, EEuroparts OEM Saab (now Walker) Mid and Starla Rear, rear brakes (Zimmerman coated with Pagid OE pads), spark plugs
2018 - Poly subframe bushings and all motor mounts, alignment, VC Gaskets, rear Oil pressure sender, OEM HID bulbs, front end links, t-stat, coolant flush fill and new hoses (I have a new heater bi-pass valve, but currently not leaking)
2017 - flex pipe (OEM Saab), front brakes (Napa ultra, Pagid pads?), Cassette and plugs (OEM Saab, includes used spare)

Issues of note:
Cup holder broken...
Suspension has 140k miles, but still feels good and no knocks (Includes Sachs front struts brand new bought before I did subframe bushings, that fixed many issues!)

8” DVC Pioneer subwoofer in stock housing. Improved bass response
ProClip Center Mount HD
Poly subframe bushings

Feel free to reach out with any questions.










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