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2008 SAAB 9-5, G48 coolant instead of DexCool?

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Hey all,

I know factory fill on the 9-5 is DexCool starting from 2002 and up. What I wanted to ask is if I could switch from the DexCool that I currently have in my 9-5 to a blue G48 formula coolant like the pre 2002 9-5 had as well as OG9-3, later C900 and 9000s and NG900 had.

Not sure if it will play nice with the seals or if it'll be perfectly fine! I do think it will be perfectly compatible since the B235R in the Viggen uses G48. Not sure how much was changed when they switch to DexCool. Not saying DexCool is bad but I would be leaning towards switching to G48 unless I'm told otherwise...

Sometimes I just get the feeling that SAAB switched to DexCool because of pressure from GM. I have a bunch of bottles of concentrate M-B Q1030004 coolant that I'd love to put into my 2008 9-5. I run this M-B G48 coolant in my 94' C900 Turbo and my 89' 9000 Turbo with really favourable results!

If I make the switch I will do proper flushing procedures with distilled water until all the orange stuff is out, had to do the same on my 9000!

What do all of you think?
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The Dexcool was really keeping down corrosion and deposits in my 2003. I'm not sure if the coolant was ever changed until I did it at 200,000 km. And it's readily available and inexpensive. I see no advantage to going to G48.

But if you insist, drain your current system and see what it looks like, including the thermostat. If it looks fine, refill with Dexcool. If you don't like what you see, do a thorough flush with water (remembering the heater shut-off valve if your car has one), and then refill with what you like.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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