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I purchased a 2008 9-3 convertible few weeks ago.

It has these issues:
1- Sometimes does not start even if battery is fully charged. I then have to move around battery cables and it then starts
2- It has check engine and Airbag lights on all the time and sometimes ABS and Brake lights also come on and then go off after a while.
3- During my first highway trip, when I went over 75MPH speed, dashboard froze. All gauges froze but no drivability issues. After I got home and turned it off and turned it back on, gauges started to work and to my surprise the speedometer picked up from where it had frozen so all the 100 plus miles that I put on it like vanished. So one other concern now is the mileage on the car might not be original.
Regarding the lights, I went to Autozone and they scanned it and told me about codes related to CIM and ISM.

I've been exploring many threads. Some say disconnect battery and then connect positive and negative cables together for few minutes. Some say change some fuse, some say clean ABS sensors, some say may be there is moisture in brake fluid. I am totally lost now. I've disconnected it from battery for few minutes and reconnected it but lights come back on.
Please advise if someone knows what's going on with the car.
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