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Name: Mark

Location: Denver, CO

Means of contact: Saab Central message or email

Price: $4,200


Sadly I'll be selling my automatic TurboX wagon, it's time to move onto something that can handle the forest roads here in Colorado a little better. I've loved this car for the nearly 4 years I've had it, it's put a smile on my face so many times. It has 207,000 miles on it, still drives great. It's taken me on a number of long trips with no issues. Lived most of it's life in the northeast, but has been in Denver, CO where it currently lives for two years.

Stage 4 EBC brakes installed around 160,000 miles. Didn't love the stock stopping power, these were a bolt on fit and are amazing. Pedal feel is much improved as well as stopping power. I installed an after market nav system from Pioneer that is Apple and Android compatible. Coupled with the Bose sound system, the stereo is great.

There's some cosmetic wear and tear on the car, as you would expect from 207,000 miles. Some paint chips, door dings, and scratches. Someone backed into me and the hood is a little cracked as a result. I recently completed a paint correction, focused on getting rid of the swirl marks and smaller scratches but didn't go crazy chasing every imperfection.

Mechanically the car is in good shape. I'm noticing what feels like hesitation similar to the ignition coil failure I had shortly after purchasing the car around 125,000 miles. Car is going in this week to get that assessed as well as the driver door not opening from the inside.

I've experienced my share of the "Turbo X" problems, the ignition coils failed and were replaced with these which have held strong for 80,000+ miles. The rear suspension failed, replaced all major components front and rear with OEM parts from with no issues since.

The Bad:
The fuel gauge has never worked. It could be fixed with a new sender, but that requires dropping the rear end, not something I saw the value in. I filled it every 200-300 miles to be safe.
There is a slow coolant leak, I've bought maybe one bottle of coolant per year and refilled when the low coolant warning pops up.
Driver's seat has a tear.

What you get:
The car (obviously)
Saab TurboX wheels with Eagle LS2 tires (~3,000 miles)
Winter wheels (Via Monte Titano JWL MT-8) with Blizzak snow tires (~3,000 miles)
OEM Saab crossbars

Link to an album of pictures In the album you can see the damage to the hood, and some peeling on the steering wheel. You can also the a scuff on the passenger seat and tear in the driver seat. Below are pictures I've taken since the paint correction, but they really don't do it justice. The depth and gloss in person is a sight to behold.

I'm happy to provide more specific pictures if desired.

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