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On Wednesday the battery in my car died. I went to the store and replaced it with a slightly better battery One that had around 115 more Cold Cranking Amps.

On Friday, the problems began. As i am driving the speedometer will go to 0, and the ABS, TCS, and check engine light will light up. It last for around 5 seconds, then it goes back to normal. About 30 seconds later, the problems will reoccur. All of this at the same time. Later in the day, they TC Failure message appeared in the SID.

I have read previous forums about the potential of this being a bad/corrosive wire at the hub, or the ABS module. Someone said it could be a bad battery. Could it be the new battery i picked up? The previous battery had 615 CCA and the new battery is 730 CCA. I live in Florida, so no cold weather. Any ideas or help would be great.
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