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I have a 2007 9-3 SS (North American) and would like to fit a bluetooth handsfree kit to it. I've done a lot of searching in the forums, but I still have a couple of questions;

1) How do I know if I'm pre-wired for TEL1? Is it just a case of pulling off the passenger-side floor panel and digging around until I find (or don't) the 375
connector? I assume the handily-placed connector that's above the driver's knee isn't anything useful that I can grab power/mic from?

2) If I'm not pre-wired, am I going to be in a world of hurt? I looked at the etadyne site and it seems that things have changed in the 2007 models so the cable/harness they sell isn't going to work for me. I don't mind spending a day pulling the radio headunit out and fiddling around but if someone can confirm it works (or doesn't) then that would be great.

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