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Name: Shane

Location - additional details: Lafayette LA

Means of contact: phone or text

Price: Best Offer

Transmission Type (auto/manual): Auto

Mileage (miles/kms): 125,000 miles

Description: Black with Black interior, auto, AC, Sunroof, leather, Aero wheels. New: Tires, turbo, turbo control solenoid, Ionic Module, ECU, AC compressor, dryer, orifice tube, freon, timing chain, timing gears, chain guides, seals, coil packs, plugs, coolant bottle, and I have had the transmission fluid flushed and replaced. I rebuilt the powersteering pump, and air pump. I had the hood repainted. I have a new catalytic converter to be installed. This car has been a project over the last 2 years. I bought it not knowing anything about Saab problems. I now know this car very well. I have put over $3000 into it since I bought it on top of the $3300 I paid for the car. The ECU had to be replaced, but I did not realize this was the problem until later so much of the new parts was done trying to figure out why it didnt run right. The car runs awesome now, and AC blows cold. I took a trip to Florida and back and got 33 mpg! Things that still need to be fixed: The power locks will not lock with remote, but will unlock on passenger side. The passenger rear window does not work. The windshield washer fluid bottle needs to be replaced. The coolant bottle is brand new, but still has a "low coolant" warning. I think the sensor is bad in the new bottle. I have verified there are no leaks and its not losing any coolant anywhere. The front leather seats have some peeling on the seat bottoms that is common on these cars. There are some dings and small blemishes in the paint here and there, but nothing horrible.
This car is my daily driver, and I do love it, but its time to get a new project. If you have any questions please call or text me. 337-781-5708

Pictures (embedded pics or links to external albums are mandatory):


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