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I was just wondering if someone could provide some insight to the following bulletin that was issued in March of this year and what possible coverage owners of affected models can expect from either SPNA and/or GM. I am confused that SPNA would issue this for 2007-2008 models ( I own a 2008 9-3 2.0T). Just looking for some clarification.

Service and Warranty Reference Library

Title:2013/08/03 Hard Starting Cold With Engine Misfire and Low Compression, Vehicle Starts and Runs Normally When Hot (2007-08 9-3 with B207 only)

Date: 03/08/2013
To: All Saab Service
All Saab Parts
From: SPNA

2007-2008 Saab 9-3
With B207R Only (this PI does not apply to the B284 V6 Aero)

A Technician may comment of hard starting when cold. They may also complain of engine misfires with DTC's P0300, P0301, P0302, p0303 and/or p0304. The vehicle will start and run normally when hot.

This condition may be caused by worn intake valves and is typically found on high mileage vehicles with 75,000 or more miles. Due to the nature of this issue it can be more prominent in cold climates and could exhibit the condition at a lower mileage; inversely in warmer climates it may be at a higher mileage.
TAC has found that intake valve wear of the valve seat face will cause significant compression loss in cold temperatures that will not be readily apparent when hot.
To properly diagnose this condition perform a cold (after an overnight stay is best) compression and leak down test. As an example, an engine with a 150-175 psi hot cranking compression reading may only show 75 to 90 psi when cold.
Once a Technician has determined he has the above described concern he must initiate a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) case by email or by phone. Email will be given first priority.
TAC will provide the full information on the parts/repair procedure when the case is set. ______________________________________________

Thanks in advance.

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Hi AVguy,

Sorry for the delay in my response.

The document you reference is an internal document provided for Saab Technicians to help them in diagnosing what can be a difficult fault to locate. These bulletins are published in an effort to reduce the overall cost of repairs for everyone.

Saab Parts North America (SPNA) has no affiliation with Saab Cars North America, as we are a separate entity. Our goal is to provide genuine Saab parts, accessories and service for years to come through our network of Saab Official Service Centers; to locate one near you visit our website at

With Saab Cars North America’s bankruptcy and the suspension of all warranties, General Motors assumed the warranty liability for model year 2009 and earlier vehicles purchased before Feb 23 2010 as Saab was owned by them at the time. We (SPNA) are currently contracted by General Motors to provide the warranty administration for any eligible limited warranty coverage these MY vehicles might have and under very strict guidelines from GM. While they are covering the manufacturer’s limited warranty, they do not provide for any Goodwill.
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