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Well, I've tried elsewhere with no luck, so let's see if anyone here can throw some light!

I can set the cruise on the car successfully, but the moment I override by depressing the clutch or brake pedal, that's it for the rest of that journey - cruise will not "resume", though the cruise tell-tale stays on, nor can I switch it off and back on again.

Next time I get in the car, get up to speed, cruise will engage once....etc..

I thought about the pedal switches but (a) both? and (b) do they fail that way? (I am assuming that the switches go open-circuit when the pedals are pressed?)

Sticky pedals not returning to rest position properly would seem to be a possibility, but, again, both of them? Also if that was the case, pressing the brake pedal to enable cruise in the first place would (ironically) stop it from coming on.

FYI Tech2 found no faults, so...aaaaargh!
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