Selling my 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero, 2.8L V6 Turbo, 6-speed Manual, currently just under 120k miles.

Bought the car in 2016 from a small Saab shop in NY and really don't have the time to put into it or drive it anymore.

Engine runs smooth. Was chasing down strange CEL's which were initially fixed by a Vermont Tuning stage 0 tune. That worked great but would still occasionally get a CEL, but could not find any actual issues. Ultimately replaced the ECU and have not restored the tune. Not positive if the tune can be applied to the current ECU, but both the VTuner and original ECU will be included.

Transmission seems stiff right now. Moves into each gear fine, just seems notchy and stiff in the neutral position. Could be the turret repair or maybe just needs transmission fluid replaced.

Interior is in good condition. Radio fade and balance knobs broke off, and the cupholder is gone. Driver seat has some wear and tear but not major. Heat, seat heaters, AC all works. All windows work w/ one-touch up and down, and the sunroof opens and closes with no issue. A theft protection warning comes up when you start the car, probably need to re-add the BCM with a new setting but it doesn't bother me.

Suspension and tires are 18k miles old, used stock suspension and Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 SL. Front and rear rotors and pads replaced 500 miles ago.

Body is OK, front spoiler is scratched up but is there. No major body damage.

  • 6x Bosch ignition coils and spark plugs
  • Vtuner handheld device w/ stage 0 and OEM files
  • Original ECU w/ Vtuner applied
  • Tech2 clone w/ power cables, etc
  • Old laptop w/ serial cable for connecting to the tech2. Has the security access software loaded.

Please contact Tim (me) via PM w/ any questions. Thanks!