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Hello Guys,

Hope everyone is doing well. I was just at the dealer last week and was told I need front brakes. I knew this as my indy had told me I needed new pads and rotors at 65k miles. The front brakes were last replaced at 36k miles when I purchased CPO.

I don't feel like paying and indy several hundred dollars nor a dealer $550. I have done past brake jobs on both of my OG 9-3s. I ended up picking up some Duralast rotors and Duralast Gold pads from Autozone fo about $125 dollars including tax. Over last weekend, I had the rotors cryogenically treated at my work place. They take the parts down to -300F for 24 hours using a gaseous nitrogen atmosphere. I figured I would test it out since its free of charge to me and I have to practice what I preach. We already do a lot of rotors for performance tuners and ambulance companies. Usual results are less brake fade, reduction or elimination of warpage, and longer lifetime (typically 100% to 300% improvement). So, that is something to look forward to.

Anyways, I need to do the job myself next weekend. I haven't really looked at what is involved. What tools will I need? I can imagine I will need to remove the springs, remove the 2 caliper bolts, push back pistons. Is there a torx screw (like the alignment screw in the OG 9-3) to hold on the rotor? Is there any special socket needed to remove the rotors? What about torque settings for caliper bolts? I can't imagine they will be too hard to get off. They were replaced 36k miles ago and only one year this month. If there are any special tools required let me know. I hope everything goes smoothly and can get it done Saturday early afternoon. Thanks guys!

Best Regards,

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