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2005 95 arc auto horrible vibration while in drive solved

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So this is my third 95 and they all have had horrible vibration in drive. I recently replaced all mounts except upper Trans mount because no one was selling the mount, after replacing all the mounts still the vibration was present. Seen the mount on eeurparts and although I can't stand property Sweden I really had no choice 30 bucks and 2 year warranty plus no genuine available screw it for now. The difference is amazing horrible vibration is no more and it's as though I have a brand new car. Anyone want to place bets on how short it will last. I got one whole dollar on two months.i think two months without that dreaded 95 teeth rattling vibration is worth thirty bucks. P.s. I need to purchase the dell laptop with tis and everything already installed if anyone has that contact info I would greatly appreciate it.
Thomas Tully
2005 saab 95 arc sedan
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Glad it worked for you.

I’ve replaced all three mounts plus the torque rod and my Auto still vibrates. Incidentally, I replaced the transmission mount with the PP one bought from FCPEuro with their lifetime warranty - but they no longer carry any 9-5 transmission mounts so the only thing they can do is refund my $35 but I’d have to pay to ship it back. After almost 5 years it still “looks” good, but who knows if it’s doing anything other than supporting the engine on the left side.

Did you happen to take a photo with the new mount beside the old mount? I’d be interested in seeing the difference.
I think it’s a characteristic of 9-5s with AT. I’ve learned to live with it. I’ve replaced all the mounts - better, but not as smooth as my two NG 9-3s. If sitting in traffic or at a long traffic light I put in neutral.
I think its something that should be put in common since I have seen through the years some people complaining and some people that dont do it at all... Im starting to think I'm quirky :S, but I dont think anybody would blow 50k euro on this car with this problem
I agree...but I haven't seen a definitive solution. Back in the day Saab's recommendation was to increase idle speed - that doesn't work either.
I understand what you’re trying to accomplish. However, I suspect it could be as simple as the balance shaft chain, its guides and sprockets wear out with high miles such that the system is no longer working as it should to reduce harmonic vibration. Ditto for the timing chain system.

My ‘08 9-5 has 185K miles and the balance shaft components are OE. At warm idle in P or N, when I put my hand on the valve cover I can feel the vibration (that worsens in D or R) whereas on my two 9-3s there also is vibration but it’s not as pronounced. However, both my 9-3s also have high miles (155K, 180K) so why the difference?

It may be why the 9-5 vibration issue only became a Saab TSB after cars started showing some miles. Who knows?

It might be interesting to hear from owners who’ve replaced the balance chain components.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts