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I have a stereo that comes on only after the car warms up. It seems to always stay on, but sometimes that can take 10 minutes of driving to come on. I have read many of these forums and it seems as though I need to check connections on amp1 or replace the amp. Problem is I don't think the amp is located under the front left drivers seat on my convertible. I have looked, but not removed the seat yet, but it doesn't appear to be there.
There doesn't seem to be any amp in the trunk of the car.
I did read a post once that read about it being located on the drivers (left) side of the rear panel where the rear speaker is located.

1) Is this the correct location?
2) How do I remove the panel on the left side of the rear seating area?

I started to remove the panel, but I was too afraid I was going to break something in the process.

any help would be appreciated!:D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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