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Selling my Saab 9-5 Aero 5 speed manual with only 109k miles. Runs like a champ with lot of power and shifts and breaks perfectly. I bought this car as a temporary car while saving up to buy another vehicle. I have 2 other cars so I have no use for this car and hate to see it just sitting and not being used. Have taken long 400 mile trips back and forth with no issues. It does need a bit of love (priced accordingly) but has great potential for a great daily or winter car.

The good:
-Interior is in incredible condition with even the SID working
-Motor and transmission rock solid and lots of power
-Brakes, oil, ABS module, valve gaskets, throttle position sensor, all replaced recently.
-Turbo works perfectly with full boost and power

The bad:
  • Body and paint have seen better days
  • Only blows hot air, might need a freon recharge
  • very small oil leak, not sure where its coming from
- passenger window stopped working and drivers side is going.
  • a few things here and there that need attention like fog lights
  • abs light because of a wheel sensor, engine light for code p1658 because previous owner did the air bypass valve mod

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