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Hey folks! I may have botched a repair :oops:. So long story is this. AC was blowing warm ish on the driver side and cold on the passenger, so did a little bit of digging here and on reddit and determined that the blend door must be broke on my driverside despite no code showing on the ACC. Well low and behold I get down there to check it out and it looks like it was working just fine, but as I had already bought the blend door repair kit the aluminum rod and stop arm, figured I might as well put it in there. Probably a big mistake. I cant get the yellow rod out now and have managed to remove the old plastic stop arm and marred the hell out of the connecting yellow piece. So now I cannot get the plastic stop arm back on. So my question is how screwed am I and is it possible to remove the yellow piece? And if you are feeling generous, how do I fix my ac blowing warm on the driver side if this wasnt the problem. Had an AC professional recharge last year

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