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2004 Saab 9-3 Areo Convertible Soft Top leaking

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So I’ve had this car for about a year and so far I’ve tried to do a lot to fix it to let it run smoothly. I believe there’s a vacuum leak (not 100% sure) somewhere in the engine and it also leaks. I sealed the soft top using some convertible soft top sealant but it still leaks in one spot by the windshield (image attached), the drains as far as I know aren’t the cause of it. Any ideas?
Also the turbo is having quite a bit of issues. It shoots up quickly to max turbo when accelerating heavy and it shakes badly. I disconnected the turbo boost pressure control valve and the turbo stopped working but this issue stopped now. Any ideas for this as well? Please let me know!!
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Hi and welcome.
Have you double checked that drain (cut) in top of A-pillar seal are intact?
It's hard to tell from your picture what's going on. You may require another round of waterproofing, especially in the leaky area if the water is going through the fabric into the top frame. If it's coming past the weatherstrip, then carefully examine its condition, and whether the weatherstrip above the window is the same on both sides.

I would reconnect whatever you disconnected, and read the codes--I assume that the check engine light is on. Post the actual codes here: P0001, P1234, whatever. Don't look at what the ODB II tool interprets the codes as.
As noted above, the rubber seal at or near the top of the windscreen A pillar can decay. On my vert there were a few cracks in the rubber that required rubber sealant repairs while ensuring that the little drain hole is till open and working. Pour a little water in there to make sure it's clear. And it's amazing how much waterproofer the roof fabric can require if it hasn't been done in a while.
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