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reposting my craigslist ad herre incase anyone is interested.

I have a 2004 Saab 9-3 ARC sedan for sale.

Blue with black leather interior. Car is in great overall condition.
I’m looking to buy a newer car this weekend and would like to sell
this car privately before Sunday. I already have a carmax and trade
in offer so if it’s not gone by this weekend I will just trade it in.

While the car is in perfect running condition, there are a few small
issues I want to mention up front as to not waste anyone’s time.
 There is a small oil leak coming from the engine. It has been there
for about a year and does not require adding any oil between oil
changes, but does leave a little spot in my driveway. I was fine
driving it as it is, but want to be up front about it.
 A few small paint chips on the hood. This car has 136,xxx miles on
it with most of them highway. Stones and debris have caused a few
paint chips. Nothing visible from 10 ft, but if you get close you
will see them.
 Glove box hinge is broken. Glove box opens and closes fine, but
requires two hands to open.
 40/60 rear folding seats – one of the cables used to fold the seat
down is loose. The right side folds down perfect, but the left is
stuck up until the cable is fixed.

443- Seven Two Two - 3262
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