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2004 9-5 Aero - Automatic Black
159,600 miles
PA Inspection Until 4/20

Location: Chester County PA

The Good: SAS swaybars front and rear, Poly subframe bushings, rear Bilstein HD Shocks & Spring Spacer kit (no sag).. adjustable rear link arms (saturn redline). stock radio with SaabAux integration/bluetooth, pro clips adjustable phone mount with wireless charging pard, BCB Stage 2 mail order tune (including original stock ECU as well) Forge Dump Valve, Stock Air Box with JP High Performance Filter, Saab OEM Roof Racks with Thule Spoiler, custom USB outlet on dash button, BBS 16 inch bottlecap wheels with Sumitomo tires (65-70% tread life remaining), no dog leg rust (at least not larger than a quarter!), saab OEM rubber floor mats, Saam OEM carbon fiber door handles (front & rear), much more I cant think of. Leather seats are all in great shape, no tearing or peeling seams.

The Bad: front driver corner marker cracked (still works fine), valve cover starting to leak, thermostat needs replaced, accessory belt and tensioner/idler pulley should/are due to be replaced w/in 10,000 miles (last performed around 95,000), PCV Valve on top of engine/intake cracked (you 9-5 owners know which one I'm talking about) Oil Pressure sensor leaking on backside of engine, under battery/driver side engine/transmission mount getting creaky, rear bumper scratches and small dents, peeling paint on front bumper, driver side visor cover broken, and various other blemishes you would associate with normal wear on tear on a 15 year old vehicle. Overall, if you have the time and basic wrenching skills, you can get everything in top shape for less than $500.

I have a lot of extra parts I will be including such as : thermostat, coolant, rear engine mount (new) for manual trans, coolant temp sensor, various O-rings and seals, spark plugs, etc..

Price: $2500 OBO

With scheduled maintenance and addressing a few relatively minor issues like Oil Pressure Sensor, thermostat, and belt/pulleys, this thing is ready to go another 60k miles without issue.

Contact: PM. Detailed pictures available.

BBS RK 511 (RKII) 5x110 17 inch rims, with centercaps... tires are not usable.. rims have some oxidation below clear coat on outer lip... all professionally straightened a few years ago by WheelCollisionCenter in Bath PA. All wheels remain true but arevready for a cosmetic refinish. Asking $500 .

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Bump... to answer a few questions, thermostat has been stuck open in cold months taking the car a while to warm up (like 15 minutes) Occasionally sensor will drop out after long periods of driving. NO overheating issues or signs of HG failure. Car is a great value and in overall great condition for a 16 year old vehicle. NEW LOWER PRICE $2250.

I can provide more pictures upon request.

Thanks for looking!
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