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38K miles on ARC Conv. and took to Dealer for some warantee items... You know the standard bushings thing, front wheel bearings, many other more minor items (ALL OF WHICH WERE A HUGE FIGHT that they finally replaced). But a few questions for you guys...
1. The Tech found a leekey water pump and replaced it under warantee, he complained how much work it was to do... Now the car sounds life a turbo diesel whining sound with a bit of an antifreeze smell. He said to expect this and its normal while the pump is breaking in/seating it self, IS THAT NORMAL?
2. When starting in the morning and reversing out of driveway and then putting it in drive it LURCHES sharply and hard like droping the clutch on a 5 speed or its like reving the engine to 3000rpm in N and then putting it in D. The Tach is around 900 when this happens. I told the tech but he couldn't reproduce it... Anyone else have this problem?
3. After the bearing and bushing battle, the service guy calls me and says I need a front wheel allignment and Saab doesn't pay for that... You can imagine the rest of that talk... He actually said to me " come on its the least we can get out of you, its been thousands of $ covered under warantee repair". So i actually paid $90 for :evil: the alignment b/c sick of fighting for a week with them. (they had car 10 days) My plan was to write Saab a letter and asked to be reimbursed. What do you all think? Is that right?
4. This is my 2nd Saab since 1995, Im loyal and a TRUE Saab lover, however my confidence is shaken a little... 22 items on repair list and its got 38K miles? WHAT IF THESE ITEMS REPEATE OUT OF WARANTEE? This isnt the quirky Saab stuff either that were all used to. Is it a GM or Opel issue...? Can someone shead some lite on this or am i just overreacting to a bad experience at VOB Saab in Maryland? P.S. where can i get used 17" 5 spoke wheels and a trailer hitch? THANKS YALL!
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