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hi to every one i have issue with my 2003 Saab SS linear
before 2 month and my fuse box under hood located near the battery
UNDER HOOD ELECTRICAL CENTER and i fund one use from 2003 Saab
and i installed and i reprogrammed with tech 2 and i update the fuse box and i check with tech 2 and i not fund any DTS only a few bulbs it is form that time burning my old fuse box and i try to start my car and my car wont to start and i don't know what is wrong with that
but about my old fuse box just i can say i install tow foghlight with my factory foghlight and i burn my fuse box by my wrong job i done
and i dont know what should do right now if any body can help me many thanks sorry about my English was not good
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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