I’m helping a friend sell this car as the thought of it going to someone who won’t appreciate it kills me. It’s a 2003 9-5 Aero, automatic with manual shift buttons on steering wheel. 127k miles.
It’s been well maintained. It’s the second owner who bought it in 2006 with 20k miles. Body is in great shape and the leather/ is mostly fantastic except for one spot where it was damaged as seen in pic of backseat. Paint is good as well. Wheels have minimal curb rash. As typical, all emblems and badges need some loving/replacement. There is a leak from the sunroof that needs attention. Most likely drain related and water got into backseat floor and bottom of trunk. More pics available upon request and the car is currently parked by a mechanic who does not specialize in Saabs but is it happy to show people the car.
I can be reached through the site, either a response here or a DM.
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