2003 saab 9-3 convertible. Runs good, drives great. Very quick and nimble car, fun to drive!
Top and windows work fine, 168,000 miles, two sets of keys, overall good shape for 19 years old!!!!
Tires are good, no trouble except had the crack case seal replaced, newer fuel pump too. Oil changed every 5k, doesn’t leak any fluids.
Still has plenty of miles left!!!!

The “bad”
LED screen Isn’t perfect you can can def read it, (I’d say it’s 90%)
Had some water leak inside and had a mouse in the cabin air filter, car sat a few months when it wasn’t used, cleaned inside- took apart air system and cleaned out mouse house and flushed out hvac system! Scrubbed carpets and interior! Just airing out note!

Gets about 26 mpg, great commuter. I’ve driven It almost 80,000 miles since I’ve owned it and it’s been good to me! Only selling because I’m getting a new, safe car for the baby and this and my 900 both have to go!