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2003 Saab 9-3 CD repair

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Hello I just want to see if I can fix my CD player its a 6 disc edition and skips very frequently I mean some times to the point its more skips(silence) than song. I was thinking of taking the CD player out to see what i can do could this be a loose wire or an internal problem? It effects all 6 slots. Love this car fixing the cd player would just make it better. Thank you!
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No one is quite sure why, but the thinking is that the lube on the gears gets sticky in the cold. My dealer tried to tell me it was condensation, but that's BS because it skips immediately when starting my commute. Condensation couldn't possibly have formed that quickly from my warmth or the heater. Also, have looked at CDs first thing and there is no condensation.

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Mine was replaced under the last days of my warranty with a truly "new" unit and has been fine ever since, knock on wood. I used to work at the dealer so the parts guys were able to tell which unit was reman versus new and got me the last new they could find at that time.

Diggs, thanks for that link....hadn't seen that someone had opened it and tried to fix it. good to save for the future....

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