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Car will not start reliably.

1. Turn the Key to start and I can hear a single click
2. lights turn off when "starting"
3. engine does not turn over.
4. wait 5-20 min and the car eventually starts up.
5. I have tried jumping the car without success.
6. while running I am seeing ~14volts
7. while not running 12.6V
8. won't start when hot
9. getting worse at starting when cold.

When the car does start it starts right up without hesitation.

I have tried using a modified paper clip method. however, i could not find a picture showing the process and i am not sure if i did it correctly. the problem is still occurring. Can i rule out the neutral safety switch?

Jumper connected to White Wire

Jumper connected to Black Wire

Neutral Safety Switch harness

The following threads is about a different year so i could not follow the procedure.
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