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My blower motor stopped working correctly. It stops, it comes back on, it's weird. I tried this well known and suggested thread
and it's still doing it.
(BTW it's 7 SCREWS if you want to take the fan housing down! Remember it now before you open the thread :) Even though I read the thread and went down with the info and pics, I had forgotten it was 7 screws and only counted 6!)

It appears to me that it might be the switch. When I turn the car/engine on, I can move the fan speed from 0-5 (at least I could once). Then I bring it back to 0 and it stays there all the time.

HOW do I open up the dashboard where the switch is. I'd like to wiggle with it and see if I can clean it.

ALSO, the fan keeps spinning sometimes even after the key is out of the car.


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