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Hello all,

I've gotten a lot of good information from reading this forum in the past in reference to a previous car (2000 9-3) and I'm hoping that someone will be able to give me some help with a new purchase. I've done a lot of searching through the forum and can't find anything that fits my situation. I'll use bullet points to avoid a lengthy narrative:

- Purchased used MY2003 9-3
- 2 days after purchase, car accelerates very slowly. RPMs don't go much above 2000, car shifts appropriately, but car creeps when starting on incline. Works okay at higher gears. Check engine light comes on.
- Take car to dealer. Turn off car. Check engine light goes off, dealer can't reproduce problem. Car drives fine.
- 3 days later, same problem. Take car to dealer with check-engine light on. Dealership tells me sparkplugs very dirty. Plugs cleaned and car works fine again.
- Over the next several weeks problem reoccurs intermittently. Don't have time to take back to dealership. Sometimes car works fine, sometimes it doesn't.
- 2 days ago, problem reoccurs, and is now constant.
- Autozone reads codes and comes up with:
- P0638- Definition Throttle actuator control range/performance- bank 1 Explaination Failed TPS, Probable cause: failed accelerator pedal position sensor; dirty or defective throttle valve; failed throttle valve control module.
P0137 (Definition: heated oxygen sensor- bank 1 sensor 2 (H02S12) sensor circuit low voltage)
- P0137 Heated oxygen sensor- bank 1 sensor 2 (H02S12) sensor circuit low voltage. Explaination: Lean air/fuel ratio, probable cause: Air leak near sensor, open or short circuit condition, faulty H02S12 (bank 1 Sensor 2)

What I've done:
- after reading through some posts related to P0638, I took off the throttle body which turned out to be very dirty. I thoroughly cleaned the mechanism using carburetor cleaner but this did not solve the problem.

I'm at a loss now. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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