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2003 9-3 slave cylinder delivery pipe

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Hi Everyone,

I am having trouble with my clutch on a 2003 9-3. Bled the system and found little air bubbles continuously flowing in the hydraulic fluid. I suspect I have a leak in the system... duh!
My question is this: How do you remove the delivery pipe from the slave cylinder? The manual says... "remove" the delivery pipe... I can't see it clearly and don't know how to "remove" the pipe!
I also noticed that the pipe seems to swing from side to side at the slave... is this normal?
I flushed the system using a vacuum method and removed the old fluid but still have tiny air bubbles flowing in the fluid.
When I depress the clutch I can tell that the slave isn't fully disengaging the clutch. There is no clutch slipping so I don't think the clutch is bad... I'm pretty sure it's that the slave isn't fully operational based on the air bubbles.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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