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2002 saab wont reverse

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hey guys.
I recently ran into some issues with my saab 93t automatic. The night before, everything was cool then early the next morning I go to back out of my driveway and it felt like i hit a bike, or something was behind my car. I got out and went to check it out and nothing was there, from that point forward i haven't been able to use reverse, nor roll backwards in neutral. Also, car kinda drives like **** when on the road. (i pulled it through my yard and around the block to see if it still drove. had a couple of stalling-type stops, but engine never died. rpms were kind of out of wack too and some jolts forward and back. my first thought was my tranny took a dump on me, but i was reading some other places and i saw that it could be related to rear engine mounts or tranny mounts?

Additional symptoms,
some rattling when starting car
and some fluid leakage where i park my car.

Never had any other issues with the car and has always shifted very smooth up to this point and gotten me everywhere I needed to go. Please get back to me soon, I have to get this thing fixed asap!! thanks