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I just purchased a used 2002 Saab 9-5t wagon and called Saab USA to check if there were any open recalls. They informed me there were 3:

15018 Fuel Pump Retainers
15021 IDM
15024 Pillar Trim

They were very helpful and made an appointment for me at the nearest Saab dealer. The dealer replaced the fuel pump retainer, and piller trim. For the IDM issue they said that they pulled it off and by serial number they were able to tell it had already been replaced. But Saab USA had no record of it when I called and told me it was an open recall. My check enging light keeps coming on from time to time with engine misfire codes. My question is: how does one know for sure that the IDM was REALLY replaced? I hate to be cynical but I just didn't believe them today. Is there anywhere on the IDM that I can check for a serial number and call Saab USA to make sure. I mean, if it was replaced even by another Saab dealer it should have the history in the VIN, right?

Thanks everyoneee!!!
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