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Whitewater WI
312-523-7809 or message here
1200 obo

This has been my daily for the last two years. I picked her up needing some work and was planning on fixing her up 100 percent. Found something else that I been looking for and I don't have the room for her anymore.

Starting out with the bad:
-Could use some new struts. They make noise but it's not horrible. I was planning on changing them but plans changed.
-Since I owned her it always took a few second to get her started. I took it as being an old car.
-If car is turned off after being warmed up it will take a minute to restart. I changed many things to try to figure this out. No luck
-A/C needs to be refilled.
-Driver window is off track.
-Exhaust is loud. I believe the catback was changed. Going with maybe a bad cat.
-Leaks a little oil from the oil cooler. I believe it's the o-ring.
-Rust on common spots for these cars.

Now with the good.
-New CPS
-New TPS
-New alternator
-New Battery
-All new motor mounts except the one close to firewall.
-New water pump
-New serpentine belt
-New Xenon bulbs
-New positive cable assembly
-Tires only have 10k
-Replaced blower motor but starting to make noise again.
-All ten speakers replaced and sounds awesome.

Like I said, I wanted to get this running perfectly again. I might of missed a few things. Previous owner was a friend who always took this car to the shop and passed on a thick fold of maintenance. I am located in Whitewater WI. This is for someone who knows about repairs. Once fixed up this would make an awesome car. 171k miles on her. Asking 1200obo. Thanks
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