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I am trying to sell my 2002 Saab 9-3 SE. I bought it to use as a daily but life changed, and I found my commute to be much longer so I decided to park my Saab and take on another car to drive. The reason being at the time the Saab had developed a leak from the back end of the cylinder head gasket leaking oil down the back of the engine and onto the cat. I noticed it was smoking and parked it. I then ordered the parts, including a timing chain and all assorted gaskets and seals and whatnot to do the head gasket, but with life and school and finances constantly in the way, I haven't got around to it unfortunately. It has now sat over a year. I guess its time to part ways with it, despite how much I like it. Other flaws are a drivers door panel being off (still have it), small rust patches, rusty brakes, and small broken plastic things inside.
Other work I did before
  • Front control arms, sway bar end links, tie rods, and shock inserts
  • Rear shocks
  • ebrake cable, shoes and hardware(this isn't adjusted quite right at the moment)
  • Replaced all speakers and added an amp from another 9-3 to make the door speakers work, also has an aux cord
  • sound deadening under the carpets
  • charcoal grey suede headliner
  • under 25k miles on OEM direct ignition cassette (over 400 dollars)
  • Viking shield wheels off an earlier 900
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