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My '02 9-3 Turbo has recently started having issues. On a long trip I got the red triangle and low oil pressure then it died.

I left it over night, came back, added 1qt of oil, and was able to start it and drive it back home without issue.

Some details now.

-- starts fine cold, no oil indicator or warning triangle
-- after heating to normal running temp, if I shut it off, it won't restart until it fully cools back down

-- now it's starting to do freaky things like die on me when idling... i.e., at a stop light, etc.

-- the low oil pressure indicator will sometimes blink and I'll hear the tone chime

-- engine is making a rattling noise


Has anyone had any experience with this kind of issue, and possible fixes? I've googled a little bit, but all I found was something about the crank shaft position sensor... or oil sludge.

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