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Primarily I'm over with the other Swedes - ProlixArgon on Swedespeed - but I recently got this in as a trade on a car I sold and wonder if anyone wants parts off of it.

The engine has trouble (bad rings on one cylinder). The car runs and drives but continues to foul plugs.

The car is fully complete, the information display doesn't appear to have dead pixels, and there are plenty of parts here.

I can ship about anything anywhere, but be for warned, my day job is pretty demanding and doesn't leave me a lot of free time.

Car can be purchased as a whole, but the converter is gone.

Vin: YSDF55K422028164
Miles: 191,095

I would post a link to the photo gallery, but new members can't do that yet. As soon as I get a few posts in or the moderators approve me, I'll provide the link.

Please email me for parts inquiries: [email protected]


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