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Name: Kyle

Location: Ellicott City, Maryland

Means of contact: Call/Text 410-446-6173 (it will make both of our lives easier :) )

Price: $2000 OBO


I've come to the realization that I have way too many cars and need to thin the herd. I have a wedding coming up this year and am looking for our first home.

Up for grabs is my beloved Figgen, a 2002 9-3 SE HOT 5 speed manual.. SOC 18 people's choice winner for convertibles. 233k miles, black on black. Originally tan from the factory.
I bought the car from Glen Guarnieri about 2-3 years ago with 204k on the clock.

List of work done to it :

Stage 2 MPS Tune
Do88 front mount and cooling hoses
Genuinesaab rack brace, 22mm rear sway bar, intake, race cat downpiperear trans mount and poly bushings.
Custom 6 point subframe brace by Christos Fotiadis
3.8 Bar FPR from eeuro
Aeromotive 340 stealth fuel pump
Full Viggen exterior and interior (yes, I have the jack point covers.)
BBS RKII wheels (can be included for the right price, otherwise will be coming on 9-5 Aero EVO 5 Spokes.)
Muffler delete with glasspack resonator and Viggen exhaust tip
Hella Sharptone horns

Mechanically speaking in my ownership :

  • 3k full synthetic oil changes with wix oil filters
  • NGK BCPR7ES plugs every 6k (every other oil change)
  • clutch, master cylinder, slave cylinder, Clutch line (genuinesaab braided!), Subframe bushings, control arm bolts done around 225k
  • CPS replaced with new OEM unit at 215k
  • aeromotive fuel pump done at 216k
  • short belt done at 230k due to AC compressor seizing.
  • alternator done at Saabs at Carlisle 2019 around 228k (thanks again for those who helped, you know who you are!)
  • Mafs replaced at 218k with new OEM from esaabparts
  • shear pin kit for soft top along with new flaps and main tonneau cover replaced at 225k.

Now for the issues..

- Ac is inop due to seized compressor and short belt. New compressor will fix the issue. Ac was ice cold prior to compressor failing.

- top threw a soft top error and wouldn't seat back in August, managed to get it to latch to the tonneau cover and haven't touched it. It's always had an intermittent microswitch problem. IT DOES NOT LEAK HYDRAULIC FLUID.

- will need two front tires if you're paying extra for the RKII, have inside tread wear. If you don't want the RKII, it'll come on 9-5 Aero 5 spokes that have ok tires, however I'd replace em if it were me.

- Transmission whines while in gear. I had the fluid changed when the clutch was done at 225k. This is the original transmission. IT SHIFTS IN EVERY GEAR WITHOUT GRINDS OR CRUNCHES. it will drive perfectly fine, it just makes noise. I want to be 100% up front with this car.

All in all, I really don't want to get rid of it as it has plenty of life left and is an absolute blast to drive. It gets compliments everywhere i take it.

I am open to offers and have a number in my head. I know what it's worth if I were to part it out, so please bear that in mind. If you throw a trans in this it'll be a perfect driver again. I merely parked it for the winter.

Located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Thanks.


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