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2002 9-3 convertible HOT What to look for

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Thinking of buying the above car is there anything i should look out for on these
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The first thing you want is service records. Find out how often the oil was changed and with what type/weight oil. The last thing you want is an engine full of sludge. FInd out what units have been replaced. Turn the key to the on position to check that all the lamps on the dash light - especially oil and check engine. Take it for a drive and determine if there are any peculiar noises or vibrations. See if it tracks straight, and if the brakes stop in a straight line. Open the hood and see if the engine is warm; if it's warm, it may have been started earlier to avoid a smoking exhaust. Look for smoke out the exhaust when you first start it up. Check for abnormal tire wear, or brand new tires; either could indicate a misaligned car, and only toe in/out can be adjusted - everything else requires the bend parts replaced. Let us know how you do... Ron
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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