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Sadly my 9-3 may have a blown head gasket? Thought Id post this a see what the saabies think. It started on Christmas Eve when I was driving in the thru way. It started running really rough. I thought it was a bad plug or a bad DI cassette but I replaced the spark plugs (with NGK's) and checked the DI by running lead from the neg batt terminal. All passed the test. Then moved to the throttle body and checked to see if it went to limp home mode. But it didn't. Finally I checked compression and discovered that I am getting no compression on the fouth cylinder. Blown head gasket or....? Before this all this happened it was giving me a code saying the thermostat sensor was malfuncting. It was durring a cold snap and my gage was stuck for a day after it warmed up the gage began working fine and I cleared the code. it didn't come back so I figured it was just a fluke.
Durring my diagnostics I have had a couple of odd codes like crank sensor malfunction (p0340 and p1334). Which made me think it was the DI. I consistanly get P0304 (misfire on cylinder 4). Which is why I borrowed my buddies compression test kit. All other cylinders get 120+ psi.
Any one else run into this?
No oil that I can see in the radiator fluid.
No white smoke.
No fuel odor on the 4 cyclinder spark plug.
Cylinder moves up and down.
No compression.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I dig on a good mystery but this one has me kinda stumped.
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