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2001 Saab HOT SE Vert Engine Swap

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2001 Saab SE Convertable w/auto trans. Victim of sludge. I just bought it 3.5 weeks ago.
Saab Specialist here in Seattle, WA wants $3000+ for new (different/running) B205R engine in it. Can I swap a B235R T8 engine T8 into it, without too much complication. It seems the B205R is a more expensive, (and harder to find) motor than the B235R.
I'm figuring I will go all out on mods while the motor is out...(HX35 turbo and all the gear necessary to run that.)...but I don't know the process of putting a T8 motor into my originally T7 car.
BTW: My original motor still runs (**** I could even drive it) just makes terrible noises. Does it REALLY have to be replaced, or can I rebuild the thing?
New to Saab, and had big plans until this happened.
All hands on deck for help. Thank you.
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Awesome info. Found a 2008 B235R out of a 9-5 for only $1100. Both the 'donor car' and mine are Automatics. Bolts right up?
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